We will update this FAQ with popular questions as they arrive. Our Magento 2 Docs and FAQs can be found here.

Q: How do I install the module?

You can view our full installation guide on this page.

Q: What are the requirements for this module?

To process production payments you must have a production Braintree account with Apple Pay support. To enable Apple Pay support you'll need to upload an Apple Developer certificate to your Braintree account. You can view instructions here. If you have any problems please contact your Braintree account manager. You'll also need the Gene Braintree payment extension (at least v2.1.0) installed. We support Magento CE & EE 1.7.0+

For express payments an SSL certificate is required to be installed and active when customers are viewing the catalog & cart pages. This typically means your entire Magento installation will need to be under SSL.

PHP Version: 5.4+

Q: What 3rd party Magento checkout extensions do you support?

We support all extensions that are supported by our main Gene Braintree extension.

  • MageCheckout
  • MageStore
  • IWD
  • Awesome Checkout
  • OneStepCheckout (iDev)
  • AheadWorks
  • GoMage
  • FancyCheckout
  • Fire Checkout
  • Unicode
  • Amasty Checkout

The module provides the ability to craft new integration kits for bespoke checkouts, or other solutions which we do not currently support. We are able to build integration kits for you for a fee, please contact support if this is of interest.

Q: What devices support Apple Pay?

iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone SE, and later, Apple Watch-compatible devices (iPhone 5 and later models), iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 3 and later and Mac.

The above devices must be running iOS 10+ or macOS Sierra+.

Q: What happens on a device that doesn't support Apple Pay?

The payment method and express buttons will be automatically hidden for these devices. We add the class supports-apple-pay to the body for devices that do support Apple Pay.

Q: Apple Pay not displaying?

Please ensure the following before contacting support:

  • The module is correctly installed (installation guide) and is displaying as an option under System > Config > Payment Methods.
  • The module & payment method is enabled.
  • You're using a supported device with a supported version of iOS or macOS.
  • The page you're viewing with Apple Pay is being served over SSL (a secure connection).
  • Ensure bespoke changes to your product, cart or checkout pages haven't removed the blocks that system uses to insert the button.

If you have confirmed all of the above, and are still receiving issues. Please contact support including any error messages or warnings presented in the console of your browser.

Q: Apple Pay payment sheet opens then closes straight away?

Ensure you have added the current domain to your Braintree account under Processing > Apple Pay. Also ensure you're using the correct type of iCloud account, if you're using a Braintree sandbox merchant account you will need to test using an iCloud sandbox account. Whereas if you're using a production Braintree account you will need to use an active iCloud account.

Q: No shipping methods are displayed when using express?

Apple doesn't provide functionality to alert the user that we're unable to ship to their current address. If the user continues to authorise the payment without a shipping method they will be presented with a message saying that we're unable to ship to their country.

Q: How can I test in sandbox mode?

You can test in sandbox mode, however this requires you to have an Apple developer. You will need to use a sandbox test account from Apple if you're using a sandbox Braintree account. You can view more details here.

If this feature becomes available we will implement it into the extension.

Q: How can I contact support?

You can email us at support@gene.co.uk, you'll need to quote your support string from your order.

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